When I hear the phrase “It’s all about you”, it mostly nauseates me as one of those words borne out of the quest to inspire someone, but was not just seemingly realistic. I mean, it’s a “sick world”, “bad government”, “life is not fair” and the likes. So how in goodness name can one say that life is “All about Me”? Hmmmm… these are obvious facts, still I have come to a point of self-acknowledgement to this “bitter truth” – It is indeed all about me!

All about you, by Same Og.
simply put, Life is ALL ABOUT YOU.
Our present situation and its prevailing peril, however or whatever it is, is a reflection of who we are. Yes, life is a mirror of our selves. We get out, what we put into life. Just like most business organization reflects the personality of the head of the business, life reflects back to us our own personality. Simply put; garbage in, garbage out.


You may have noticed that when you look at an environment, it being dirty or clean, is a direct reflection of the people staying there and over time, it has been proven that when you change the people, the place will change, and to change an organization, you should change management. Indeed, I have seen all these happen severally in real life and personal research, and I conclude that Changes are intentional efforts, not mere wishes!


These are part of what keeps me going a-midst all life has thrown at me – Read my story. So yeah, I understand the pain, I know there are so many challenges and how I pray for everyone going through whatever it is we all have to deal with from time to time, Still, I have to put it to you that it is all about you and how you choose to deal with those circumstances?


You do not have to settle for less. Do not procrastinate. Do not give up. Keep on trusting and believing, after all, life is never entirely fair to anyone really. 🙂


So choose;


To live by choice, not by chance

To be motivated, not manipulated

To be useful, not used

To make changes, not excuses

Choose self-esteem, not self-pity

Choose to rely on the inner strength God has deposited in you, and do not heed to that tiny voice that says you can’t make it.

Finally, what do you want to, or have to change in your life to make the world a better place for you? Begin to think and act towards change…

It’s all about you!

God Bless and Strengthen you.

Same Og…

Excerpts from Ola Martins.