How would she define love?


This was all that I thought about.


‘Cause as seen, shattered homes almost always evolve,


Becoming rampant and soon, the norm.


I nicknamed her a weeping referee,


For the many battles she’d watched.


And RED! That was always the color of her eyes.


The house had it all,


It was the boxing ring.


It also had the fighters: mum and dad.


And as the referee, her work?


To helplessly sit, cry and watch.


If love ever existed,


He somehow lost her address.


Her clothes was always wet,


Tears gave it the best drench,


Like one from the cloudbursts.



Is there really a God?


This was written boldly on her frown.


If He lives, His eyes must be dead-blind and shut!


So many awkward thoughts I saw,


As I lurked through her heavy head.



TV soon became her teacher.


It was only in it she saw people smile.


Her iPod was her comforter,


Music made her feel fine, or so it seemed.


But how well were these lessons she learnt?


These commercial fabrications did not help get things any better.



It was as though men in scary mask


Broke into the house and stole her joy away.


She just couldn’t understand


Why this pain wouldn’t go away.



Her heart became a hospital,


For the diseases she harbored.


Her depression was top on the list,


But what drug has her cure?



When I needed a sad poem,


She was my inspiration.


Crazy thoughts began creeping in,


And suicide was one of the finest options.



And like the break of the morning,

Fresh dew fell through, indeed a new dawning.


Felt like He finally counted the drops,


Each leak of her tears.



The truth is our stories of pain


Are only written in pencil,


His love is the eraser.


Grace would rewrite our chronicle,

We have to give in and apply it.

I know mum is gone


And dad is never at home.


But our real Dad sits on a throne,


And can make your house and heart, His home.


So here is a reason to smile,


A reason to hold on a little while.


You may not be sleek like an iPhone


But last I checked,


You are still the apple of His eyes.