My music

I love Music! I am a female RAPPER and a SINGER and at this point, It’s good to note the inquisitiveness my name and my music attracts – A “Female Same Og”… For the records, I am not a gangster, trust me. Listen to my songs – Click this.

My name is OG (OGhosa). The “SAME” is a result of the multi-faceted genre of the kind of music a lady like me does. Perchance you haven’t listened to any of my songs, well,  HERE IT IS. I love doing songs with deep lyrical content and rap sway lines, all of which reflects my Christian belief. I have had listeners asking questions like; Is that the same person who sang the last track that is “dropping bars”? Well, yes, it’s the SAME — OG!

Music to me is life. In my younger days, it was a tool that bred vices in me (I was a young angry girl, especially because of the songs I listened to. Yeah RAP! We all know how it sounded back in the days), but now as an adult, with a solid foot in the Faith, Gospel rap and songs are a fortress whenever I’m in distressed. Indeed, Music is Life.

I am also driven by the fact that “As a lady, hearing and reading about issues especially in form of Arts like music from a woman’s perspective, carries a lot of impact. I believe that a diverse audience deserves a diverse representation of artists and messages, and since Same OG is all about diversity, professionalism and Inspiration, I long to reach out to the majority through good rhythms and lyrics…. That’s my music.

And just like Ephesians 5:19 puts it, “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your hearts to the Lord”. Now notice, it says SPEAK TO ONE ANOTHER. That to me means passing a message to one another. So I see my music and music in general as relatable messages, targeted at the listeners, but for God’s glory. This is my passion… Music to Same OG, is Life!!!

Listen to my songs – Click this.