I love trees. Yes I do. Nature has a way of cooling the nerves you know. Seeing the trees clap their hands amidst the whispers of the winds, all being enveloped by the shades of the cloud and the totally magical pop effect from ray of the sun, just gives me solace in nature. So how does this relate with pressed down? Please read on.


Talking about trees, we all know that it originates from seeds, and the process has a bit of science i’d like to share.


Seeds are sown, as in buried if you like, beneath the ground. It is left to rot and gets broken apart. Then it is choked by running waters, which sounds like a final death if by any chance it was still alive under the soil, and right in the middle of its heart a stem pierces through, shooting out. It soon breaks out of the ground, and behold, a new tree has been birthed. Life itself often tells same story. We must realize that to attain full glory, we must be pressed down and shaken together before we run over.


No technology or software can make a yam planted today, become fit for harvest tomorrow. Likewise, the best of us emerges only in due time. The heat, the pain, the disappointments, the betrayal, abandonment, helplessness, and what have you, is actually our route to realms of rest.


We must learn our way out. Learn your way out of the aches and stay opened to the truth. Quit playing the victim role in life, for life does not give us our desired gifts but what we demand of it. We must outsmart life by learning our way out, regardless of how pressed down or how depressed we feel.


Just like no one passes an exam with mere assumptions, but by following due instructions, Life is same. You must recognize, apply and stick to the “unwritten laws”. Let go off slothfulness, hold on to Faith and patience – they are vital to make you conquer. Also the law of karma – seed time and reaping time, and all the likes, are as real as the universe.


Wisdom supersedes common sense – it is applied knowledge! When you are deficient of the required knowledge required to scale life’s hurdles, you become a victim of your circumstance. Now, if i may ask, what do you know? how did you come to know it? how well do you know what you know? can you tell what is true or False in what you know? And how do you interact with both sides of this knowledge?


See, my life has thought me that pains can be escaped, but only when we go through it with the shield of knowledge. After virtually losing all I had, I took solace in reading and research. This equipped me with vital knowledge that helped me move on. Through discoveries made, i began to put pen to paper, churning out creative write-ups, which later got me gainfully employed.


I knew I had to do something despite the weight and pains i almost could not bear. I was battered, broken, pressed down, stumbled upon, mocked at, but through knowledge applied, I found the strength to scale through life’s hurdles.


Now i have discovered that life is fair to no one. We must decide not to be “fair” in return by taking the less traveled route – Forging on!


Word to you – Are you broken? You can be healed! Battered? You can overcome! Weak? Get up and stand strong! Pressed down? You can run over…


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