I trust we all have at least, one or two things to be thankful for as the year draws to a close. There are a lot of people that have gained significant progress or change in life, not just for this year, I mean, if you can look back to realize that most of what you have presently are stuffs you have desired or prayed for, then this piece will be of interest to you and if not, then you are right on time to see this write up on the busy trap.


Can anyone remember the days when you hoped and day dreamed? When pictures like fantasies got painted all over your imaginations? Some people like me even cried, got worried sick, prayed and fasted until our desires came through. Oh, what a relief! Still, there is a twist. I noticed some changes. I used to have time to think, run with purpose, read The Word, intercede, fellowship and partake of responsibilities, which I believe are all what amassed to current blessedness. But you will agree with me that most people have been “too blessed” to keep up with the same involvements that got them blessed! What a twist.


Praying became a burden, so tired that most times, I just knocked off once I got back home. The people I took time to nurture and encourage were left to any hawk to pick up and slaughter. I had lost love for the things that matter most to me. In my quest of earning a living, I stopped making lives live.


I remember watching TV one day, and a well to do man was being interviewed and was asked: “what was growing up like?” Among others, he said he remembered going from house to house preaching and got kudos from adults telling him he was very smart! He knew he would become a strategic fisher of men, but shook his head and said, “I am so busy now, I can’t remember when last I thought of this or even went to church.” I thought he was not serious till I saw myself here.


I do believe that our blessings are not curses in disguise. How can our act of gratitude for our lifting be visible in total abandonment of our responsibilities to THE CALL? We all know that when a pilgrim gets lost in activities and forgets the responsibilities that he or she was sent for, he sure will end up insulting his ambassadorial assignment. We must not forget who you are!


I later lost my Job and was really really sad. Little did I know that it was a set up for an eye opener. I realized that I was fast abandoning purpose; I had to critically evaluate things and retrace my steps. I don’t want to miss my destination!


Since it is all about choice, “chose you this day…” remember? Choosing wisely became inevitable and staying with engagements/activities that will not sap the living day light out of me was vital. I just had to create the time to live up to my assignments like writing this piece you are reading now. God knows I want to bless someone anyway I can.


So, it’s all up to us. You know how you and your maker have had times together. To those he has shown himself faithful to, how well are you reciprocating that now? Living a life where you toss your bible aside, stay off prayers and just over “work” or “relax”, is a slap on the face of your purpose for living. Beware and return to your first Love.


I agree that we long to be incredibly productive at work or in school or whatever it is that we do, but also critical to our living is our spiritual wellbeing. Let’s not forget that.


Just take a moment and think about it, if your current blessings and connections don’t allow you to serve Him and others more effectively, you may just have stepped out of the line. It’s time to get off the busy trap.


I pray that we do not miss the intimacy with God and the relevance of purpose, even while we try to fix other important stuffs.