What do I feel or how many battles must I have to win to be called a champion? It looks like a term only affiliated with the high and mighty individuals or relevant Olympians and sports men. Listen, You can be one, just read on.


Champions are made, not born. They are those that refuse to be marred, emerging through the mud. They fall many times but refuse to remain fallen.


Champions see life as a battle arena with no hiding corner, a pressure cooker and not just a pleasure cooler. He lives as a predator to avoid becoming a prey to the woes of life. This is what makes champions, not necessarily for how much they have but who they are.


A champion is not an animal, though they think like lions, strike like a python, stand hard as iron in the quest of opposing opposition and are sure to pull through.


A champion sees every obstacle as a launching pad to a glorious crown, Oh how they love to move against the tides, Indeed only the weak can be satisfied with what is cheap. Champions do not glory in the victories of yester years, but focuses on the victory that lies ahead.


Preparation is never preached to champions; for battles and fights forms their occupation, they keep pressing and pushing. A champion will never give up.


A champion remains deaf to defeat, blind to retreat and envisages a glorious feat no matter the depth of the pit.


Just as lions will never consider grass as meal due to the economic woes of the jungle, a champion will never be-little himself, cringing in fear due to the fiery fierce pressures from folks. They do not mind to stand alone to remain right.


Champions are masters of their art, they aim for the stars, the scars notwithstanding. They live life with urgency, fully prepared for all necessities, even when it takes them unaware.


Champions don’t live by chance but charge and chant their way to the top, marching and matching their words with actions. One that practices what they believe.


Champions leave the stage of life with their echoes still ringing, a legacy for all to see, a darling of the city, an emblem to be cherished.


Champions die empty, releasing all they have; they leave no room for pity but exit leaving an insignia, an imprint on the turgid flesh of life for all to see – “I made it”.


There are rivers to cross, lands and cities to conquer, new worlds to discover, and selfishness to shatter. However, this will only be decrypted by the minds of champions, combatants and not charlatans working undercover or those that care less.


Rediscover your passion, stay aware, keep those engines fired, this is your making, and you’ll surely go higher for there is a champion in you. Yes, regardless of what life throws at you, trust me, YOU ARE A CHAMPION.


Go and be one!




Same OG.