This write was birthed after an over-heard conversation. It may not have been directly connected to the usually “embarrassing” truth or dare game, but i dare your action after you read this piece. The conversation was more of a brag when she said “I am not willing to give up some stuff even though I know that giving it up will make me a better me, yes, they are wrong, but I am comfortable the way things are”. It was a moral related debate and I was broken when I listened to this conversation. It kept me awake for nights, then I decided to press my hands on my keys and come up with this piece.


I kept asking myself, why do we all want victory, but without a fight? Why do we shun the brighter light and stay relaxed when all we see is blurred? I mean, what is strength without overcoming our weaknesses, and what is living without intentional control? What is sanity without a law guarding us? Why do we then combat the term called good and stick with some obvious black evil? Hmmm… It is sure cheaper to dance to the enticement and deceit of careless desires, than pay the price of dignity.


So many precious consciences have been blinded and stabbed, our deliberate acts have had it all shut up and we are living with a dead conscience. Is that living anyway? Just like the law is not a curse, but a measure to bring about rationality in a system, So is doing/living right. It is no imposed punishment! It is rather, a divine strategy of making the best of our lives, whether we fully comprehend it or not.


Please be aware of pleasure that robs people of a great ending. Nothing of value is free. Let me point it out that: righteousness is a unique function of Grace. It is not mere exhibition of one’s capacity. It is submitting to the help that God offers. The lady in this conversation was bluntly not ready to give up some stuff she did acknowledge as wrong, and was bragging on it. Such errant decisions, regardless of how pleased we are with them, I believe is the beginning of self-destruct.


It will not take a whole bunch of repentance to get back in His good books after something like whatever it is you have done or you’re doing. I think it is maturity to acknowledge wrong, call a spade a spade, and walk on the route to amendment. Yes, our level of maturity shows in our level of discipline, so hear the truth and dare to change.


We will never discover the abundant life God promised until we deal with all our dirty laundry. Total forgiveness and cleansing is available, but confession and repentance must come first.


The errors of many, does not define the justice for us to accrue with such vain acts, and our moving in tune with such deceptive rhythms actually elaborates our own weaknesses. We all must have a re-think: how grown are you to have a taste of the truth grain, and regardless of how bitter it is, prefer it? We know that ignorance is the common ingredient all through generations. But note that this ignorance is not the ignorance of all things but the ignorance of key things. It’s time to get ruthless with your weaknesses: this is the plain truth you must dare.


Something in your past may be the reason things are the way they are today, but don’t allow them to become an excuse to stay that way. Every right choice you make today, changes the result of a wrong choice you made in the past. Decisions have a lot of power, and we are gifted with CHOICE to make or ruin the best of us. We must be daring and brutally truthful if we hope to have a hold on whats best for us.


Truth cannot be cajoled. It is Pride to always ignore right warnings. You cannot sit in fire and expect not to be burned. Just think deeply: how many right steps in the right directions are you ignoring? This issue we are talking about is key: Godliness may be costly, but the end result is priceless! I pray you dare to shake off the dust.


Yeah, Same Og just sounded like a pastor, Right? So can I get an Amen? 🙂