Compliments of the season. Let’s take a brief look into living a fulfilled life and how sacrifice is the key we need.


sacrifice by same og.
Easter gave mankind the greatest sacrifice. Read write up by same og.
I understand that these two words look like they are parallel to themselves in nature. I mean, fulfillment basically, is like having the best there can be or being in a state of satisfaction when you can say yeah…. “I’m cool”, and get flexing and enjoying yourself in the best way enjoyment is to you. While on the other hand, sacrifice seems like a totally different side of the coin, where you have to “suffer “or “give painfully” or deny yourself of “the best things” which you ought to have, but must wait for or just something terrible. Well, let’s take a deeper look into this.


The fulfillment we have today as Christians is because of the ultimate sacrifice in the history of man -The Death of Christ. Imagine where Grace, Mercy, Peace, Joy, Breakthrough and Dominion will be today, if Christ decided not to live according to His purpose, mankind would have been doomed! And so God has sent us too – with a purpose. We are not just here to exist and exit. Living a life without a total acknowledgement of purpose is living a taboo life. God has/wants something from your living. Walk in this with all consciousness. He has the Holy Spirit who is to guide you into the truth of why you are here, and it’s never too late to get in tune with purpose.


I have seen people jump into the “easy way out” and it sure looks like having a sweet time, but is that all about life? See, the work of redemption was not a joke. It was not to immediate pleasure or mere domination cos he way God after-all, so He could “deal with man for all He cared” or just choose to watch and neglect those that God had deposited inside Him, but He chose to live THE life – one that is in view of the prize staged ahead of Him. Imagine Christ tried, questioned and punished immensely by the people he made and loves. This makes me know that- If I truly live in line with my faith and purpose, I should be ready to be questioned.


So, who says the fears and pains you feel has never been felt? If Christ’s pain, which had his head pierced with thorns, his skin sliced by lashes of whips and blades, his hands and feet nailed to wood, his side pierced with spear that blood and water spilled out and the final death, did not stop Him from fulfilling purpose, we have no excuse. No excuse at all!


This is a time for sober reflection. Let us reignite the fire and run fiercely to please the God we serve and do away with what hurts Him and defile the essence of His sacrificial death. If you are still struggling with praying, studying the word, personal fellowship and worship, you have to renew your life in Christ. If you have lost a hold of purpose, it’s never too late, Let the blood that was shed on Calvary speak afresh for you. Tell God to give you a new beginning. If Abraham began walking in purpose at 75, who says it’s too late? And if you have never acknowledged Christ as your Lord, it can start now. Just speak to Him. He can hear you. Welcome him into your heart and join a bible believing church closest to you.


Live a fulfilled life and this is only found in sacrificial living, tied in purpose. Have a great Easter Celebration as we stay faithful to our faithful God. 🙂