As a child I grew up thinking everything just happened. I thought living was solely made for us all to sleep at dusk, wake up at dawn, and sleep at dusk and wake up at dawn… Little did I know there was a force behind it all, Pulling and pushing, for and against it.


What was I thinking???


Then, pacing through the hard part, I thought it was a punishment for who I was: A human. Everyone had to go through painful experiences, and this lasts for a long time, if not all of times. I was surrounded by sounds of anguish, brutality and fierce languishing of emotions. This raged from noon to night. Who could put out those gloomy sounds?Insurt, Life was plainly pain! Life was plainly pain?


What was I thinking???


I did lack wisdom. This word that was made for philosophers only, wisdom! I could not fathom the nitty gritty of putting all the insanity around me into common sense. So I was left on the wrong side and I felt it was right. I did not know that the seasons of life will change every time I decide. Even indecision itself, is also a decision. Wheew… I now ask me,


What was I thinking???


You see, My head became An amusement park for headaches. My body always had its spaces occupied by pain.
My brain was nothing but plain. Sickness flew in so quick like a plane and I thought HE made it so, and we all just had to partake. And as our lives will always move in the direction of our strongest thought, My wild imaginations took me to sheol. A place where I never really wanted to be. Now, who could do a surgery on my thoughts?


What was I thinking???


Soon I became a trade fair, but for the exhibition of misplaced priorities and Illusions. Truth was too high a height to attain, I just took comfort with lies and I assumed I was just OK. Indeed immaturity is the inability to come to terms with spelt out truth. I found myself fighting with the obvious, and somehow thought I could win.


What was I thinking???


Then loneliness crept in. A loss of true direction and pure affection. Light stood ahead, but I was too blind to behold it: Frustration!


But I could sense ITS MAGNIFICENCE, it was time to MAKE A DECISION.


The best of all options – OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE LIFE IN THE LIGHT


And as I did, it just became PERFECT LIVING.


Too good to be true? Exactly what I was thinking.

You should reach above all limits and JUST OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE LIFE IN THE LIGHT: CHRIST!


Then, you will see what I am speaking….


So, what are you thinking???